SEO’s Most Neglected Keyword

by Rick Thomas on 2014/03/01

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“Most SEO and content marketers all but ignore the most important keyword in their arsenal!”

For local SEO purposes it is well known that using the right keyword, or keywords, is critical to getting placed advantageously in the search engine results pages.  Having chosen and researched the key words that best describe your products and/or services, combined with your geographic location, we create a stream of content around that combination of keywords to engage our targeted group of potential and current clients, and to establish our business as a trustworthy authority in the eyes of the search engine algorithms.  We write about our business, our products, and our services endlessly, at the same time mentioning our city, town, County, or State or other targeted service area’s more as a minor obligation, of minor importance, than as 50% of the keywords we are most likely to be found for.

The truth is, in most cases there will be far more readers interested and actively searching for the key words that describe your geographic location than there are likely to be readers interested in your services or product.  When businesses write about their products they are viewed as advertisers, however, when they create content centered on community, events, and a diverse array of topics that others will enjoy and identify with, those same businesses are seen as a source of valuable information … an active and engaged member of the community, not just another greedy businessman seeking to exploit the community.

“The best content streams I’ve ever seen for local SEO purposes are those that focus primarily on location and mix in, here and there, a smattering of information about their business.”

One of the big challenges with trying to keep a steady stream of content flowing is the difficulty of having variety of things to write about.   You can only write so much about your products and services, but more often than not, your geographical area is just filled with a never ending stream of interesting things going on of all sorts and varieties.  Most towns have a variety of events, history, and places that will be of interest to virtually any and all in your service area. Just a few ideas might be …



Dinner theaters


Networking events

The local County Fair

New stores or shops

Local celebrities

Activities for kids


Annual events

Holiday events

Pet events

School schedules and events

Local sporting events


All of which is probably far more interesting to your potential customers and clients then your endless drone about your product and services. These are the kind of things people actually want to read about. Nobody likes me beat over the head with an endless stream of advertisements.  Today’s consumer has gotten pretty good at screening through information, and discarding instantly anything that even begins to look like an ad.

” …9 times out of 10 the place where SEO, social media, and content marketing converge is the keyword that best describes your location and service area …”

While, obviously important to local businesses vying for the attention of predominately local patrons, even large nationally known companies benefit greatly from showing their support of their local community.  Today’s consumer’s expect a certain degree of of access and transparency regarding the “who, what, where, and why” of the companies they do business with.  They want to know the kind of people you are, what your values are, and what they say about your character.  This is the driving force behind the psychological impact of social media.  By supporting local charities being involved in civic groups they provide irrefutable evidence that they are a company that is part of the community.  These are the kind of things that everybody can identify with … as human beings we all belong to communities, it is a common thread that runs through us all.  Making optimal use of our geographic keyword is critical to creating an online persona that resonates with positivity, and creates a long lasting impression on a psychological level.


Content marketing, first and foremost, is about providing something of value to the reader … if it’s not interesting NO ONE is going to read it! We are all busy people! Every email, every phone call, every post that you encounter on social media is an intrusion on your time. These days most of us recognize that time is one of our most valuable resources. As a society we have already developed the capability to sort through an enormous preponderance of information that is being channeled our way, determine which of these pieces  best fit our needs/interests at this particular point in time, and discard those which don’t measure up quickly.





But you’re not just writing to your followers, clients, and potential clients … you are also writing to the Google, Yahoo, and Bing search algorithms. The algorithm doesn’t put any context or meaning  into the word the way a human can. they simply count the keywords and match them up in order of importance, and count different measurements and interactions that they can associate with your blog post, image, video, or comments, as well as the keywords in the links. They measure such things as …


How many visits are made to a website per day/per week/all time?

How far down did the visitors Scroll?

Did they click on a link on the web page?

How much time did they spend on the web page?

What was the keyword density.?

What city you’re part of the country did the visitor to the webpage come from?

Where did the visitor find the link that took him to your page?

Did they comment on the post?

Did they share the post?

And this is just the tip of the iceberg!

Graphic Description Of How Page Rank Looks


Most SEO’s now estimate that there are between 250 and 300 (some estimates go even higher) different factors figured into the Google, Bing and Yahoo search algorithms. These algorithms weigh all relevant factors and try to determine which site is the most trustworthy for the key words being searched for. The name of the game is to create content that satisfies what the search engine is looking for to establish that a web page or site that  is trustworthy, while at the same time a worthwhile investment of your readers time, providing something of value to them,  and  keeping them interested enough to make them want to …

Pick up the phone and call.

Visit your place of business.

come back again,

learn more about you, your business,

learn more about your services and/or products.

Want to gain a good perspective of what this kind of content looks like?

Schedule an evening (or even just an hour or two, but, at least an hour) for yourself to just browse around the internet looking for something you want to read, explore, or find out more about. When something grabs your attention open it in a new tab, when you are through, if you liked it, open another new tab to continue poking around, and if you don’t like it or it didn’t hold your attention just continue searching for interesting posts in that tab until you find something that does.  The idea is to end up with a dozen or more tabs open that you found to be engaging, interesting, and worth the time you spent reading them.  Having done this, and having accumulated your dozen or so tabs worth of “good content” … go back through those tabs for the sole purpose of reverse engineering those posts.  You want to examine the …


The length of the post

How the words were laid out

The style of writing used

The type of pictures and graphics used

The use of video’s or slideshows

Links to other pages you found useful

As readers, and human beings, for the most part we find the same kind of things user friendly and interesting.  If you liked it there is a good chance others will like it for many of the same reasons.  It never hurts to make some notes for future reference! Take the information you garnered from your observations and apply them to your own posts and track the results.  As with most things, there will undoubtedly be a period of trial and error as you begin to modify your style of posting.  Track your page views and the amount of engagement you get from these posts.  Pay close attention to the comments and questions you receive, keeping your audience engaged enough to want to be part of the conversation and not just view it is the kind of activity the search engines can see, weigh, and measure!  This is content that hits both targets simultaneously.

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