Social Media Without SEO Is A Glass Half Full

A Full Force Social Media Presence Requires Effective SEO



Businesses in the Naples, Estero, Fort Myers area in SW Florida (SWFL) are buying into social media in a big way!  They are on Facebook, tweeting on Twitter, and networking through Linkedin like never before.  What they aren’t doing, however, is optimizing their efforts on these sites.  It has been said that …




And it has been said …



Google Page Rank Visually Explained


It is far better to have a mediocre presence in social media than to have none at all.  It is still better to have an outstanding presence in social media, and that will definitely provide your business with …

Improved brand recognition!

Opportunity to collaborate & share with other professionals!

Leads to potential clients!

Ability to interact with clients and those interested in your services!

Direct inbound links to your website or blog!

What this will NOT do is get your business on the 1st page of the Google search results!  

1st page of Google search results for Social Media Consultant Ft Myers

Unless someone knows you or your company, either through social media or personally, when searching for a product or service they most likely will search Google or Yahoo or another search site for where the product or service is offered in their local area. Furthermore … they are not very likely to check out every listing on the 1st 10 pages either … who has time for that!?!?

90% of those looking to “BUY NOW” will make their selection from the 1st page of results!

Search engine optimization(SEO) is the only way to ensure your company will show up on the 1st page!  If you are currently using social media you are half way there.  Many of the strategies and techniques a good SEO uses work hand in hand with social media … in fact … they work so well together it is becoming increasingly difficult to determine where one begins and the other leaves off.

Social media marketing has evolved into a rapidly changing arena with new social sites appearing on the horizon every month, and search engines modifying the algorithm’s they use to discern which businesses or websites deserve top ranking in search results even more frequently.  Only with a blended strategy of SEO and social media marketing can a business hope to rise above the “half glass” efforts of their competitors.

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