Empire Avenue, Gamification, And Social Media Traction


Empire Avenue puts your social media efforts on the fast track to success!

In early March of 2012 I first heard of Empire Avenue, but didn’t really know what it was, it had been explained to me as a cross between Farmville and Linkedin, a description that fairly misses the mark, but at least leans in the right direction. A few weeks later, while on a business trip to Washington DC, I found time to make a side trip to Frederick Md. to meet with a group of SEO’s and social media strategists that I had both networked with for years, and one or two I’d worked closely with on several projects. That is where I got the real scoop on what Empire Avenue is, and why it is so useful! While the trip to Frederick cost me two consecutive half days, on a trip where optimal use of every minute was vital, it ultimately proved to be one of the best decisions I ever made!

Social media think tank out for dinner and drinks

Social Media meet and greet in downtown Frederick Md. with (left to right) Rick Thomas, Andrew Smith, David Bruce, Kimba Green, Karen Highland, and Chris Highland.

As my associates and I sat and talked,  enjoying cocktails and dinner, we all shared our best tips, tricks, and secrets for improving our ranking in the serp’s and achieving better engagement, conversion, and ROI through our social media presence. At the time, as I recall, those of us at the table enjoyed an aggregate Klout score of somewhere in the neighborhood of 370 …


… probably a good time to be a fly on the wall, and soak it all in!


It was in the midst of this discussion That Kimba Green, owner of White Lion Social , mentioned the social media traction she was gaining on Empire Avenue. I had already been curious about the site, and what it is all about, so I peppered her with a volley of questions and she answered each one clearly and concisely. By the time the talking was done I had made up my mind to give Empire Avenue a try!



To understand why Empire Avenue is such a valuable tool to SEO and social media practitioners we need to first understand two things …

1. The algorithm that determines placement in the search engine results pages (SERP’s) is basically a “bean counter”, that is to say, it counts all manner of things relevant to your website, blog, or any form of public online presence it encounters.

Algorithm;s determine placement in the serp's.

A complicated algorithmic formula is what actually determines your company websites placement in the search engine results pages.

2. In social media nothing draws a crowd like a crowd.

Social media networking event draws a big crowd!

A big crowd gathers in Estero, Florida for a social media networking event.

Empire Avenue addresses both SEO and social media needs simultaneously!



This is what Kimba Told me …

While structured as a mock stock market game, the things you do within the framework of that game are actual, measurable, social media “actions of engagement”.

These “actions of engagement” create online and real life collaborative relationships.

Many of the relationships you forge will be with recognized leaders in their respective industries.

Empire Avenue missions are a great way to get measurable shares, likes, and comments from recognized industry leaders and subject matter experts.

The missions of others are, generally speaking, a great way to keep up with new trends in social media, SEO, and internet technology.

Empire Avenue is a great place to curate content for sharing or re-purposing.

That was all I needed to hear!  I couldn’t wait to return to Ft Myers, and delve deeply into the world of Empire Avenue! Once I had done that I quickly discovered that the experience was, in fact, somewhat addictive. The game type structure of the site, coupled with my competitive nature, drew me in deeper and deeper. The more time I invested in the game, the better I became acquainted with the “big name” players already involved. The more missions I ran for others … the more I was able to depend on them reciprocally! The better I got at structuring and targeting my missions, the more impressive my overall web presence and engagement appeared to the eyes of others. And the more of this the algorithm could parse … the more firmly placed I was at the top of the search results pages!

Empire Avenue made a huge difference in how I was perceived by the general public!!!


To this very day I am glad that on that fateful day in March of 2012 that I made the decision to visit my friends in Frederick Md., and I am doubly glad that I listened to the advice of Kimba Green.  What a difference it has made! It is my considered opinion that anyone with an interest in online marketing, SEO, or social media … or who has a business that would benefit from the use of these techniques would be well advised to give Empire Avenue an honest, objective look!

Rick Thomas

SEO – Social Media – Content Marketing
Ft Myers, Florida

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