Where SEO Content And Social Media Meet

Where SEO, Content, And Social Media Meet

SEO, Content, and social media marketing work hand in hand to cast your sales net far and wide!

The big challenge for any business in the new millennium marketplace is to garner the attention, and interest, of the specific group of people that are interested in your products and services, not only now, but, in the future as well.  Consumers today carry the marketplace in their pockets (phones), and while Google has the farthest reach, social media sites are where the people are spending their time.

For brick and mortar businesses, or any business interested in selling their products and services in a specific geographical area, there is never ending well of content waiting to be written not only about their store, their products, their commitment to customer service, etc … but also, anything and everything related to that geographical area.  In fact … the geographic interest stuff is the most important! SEO content and social media play a major role in getting your message of choice in front of the people that most want to see it.


SEO, Social Media, Content Marketing Consultant in Ft Myers, Florida


The “real trick” in new millennium marketing in to create textual content that is not an

annoyance, but rather, just what your customer was looking for!

Want to take it one step further?

Find a way to make your current customers part of the story … and encourage potential clients to join the party. Networking and collaboration is, generally speaking, a win for all involved, and is the kind of event a great deal of positive, interesting content can be wrapped around.

Social media and SEO consultants, business men and women, politicians, lawyers, and many others with an interest in social media gathered in South Ft Myers to celebrate

Local networking events are an opportunity to meet with like minded individuals, exchange ideas, see things from a different perspective, and collaborate with top pros in the field! A “not to be missed” event!


An effective SEO, content, and social media strategy, especially for predominately local businesses can’t be beat for establishing that you are a part of the community, that you serve the community …unlike those simply here to profit from the community.


On the SEO end of things,when content is shared by a business that is interesting enough to get clicks, likes, shares, comments, and read from top to bottom .  You are establishing authority with the search engines, and at the same time keeping your audience engaged enough to want to be part of the conversation and not just view it… that … is the kind of activity the search engines can see, weigh, and measure!  Properly executed SEO content and social media marketing can and will lift your placement in the search engine results pages (SERP’s) significantly, increasing your company’s visibility, and strengthening your brand.

SEO Content And Social Media


Content people value, optimized to be seen far and wide, shared across

a diverse array of social platforms!

This is content that hits multiple targets simultaneously.







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